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TCP Re-Certification Exams


The WestShore Chamber of Commerce offers BCCSA  Traffic Control Person Re-Qualification Exams.  Please contact us to schedule an appointment for re-certification.
  • We offer the paper (written) version of the text.
  • Each attempt at the exam is $40 (all-inclusive) non-refundable. Participants can pay in cash, credit or debit. A receipt will be issued.
  • We require a current passport photo and the participant’s expiring certificate before the participant can begin the exam. A temporary certificate will be provided to the participant upon passing.
  • An hour is allowed for the test. Participants will be notified at the 55 minute mark.
  • The exam is a 40 question, multiple choice, open book exam. A book is provided by us for the participants. You may bring your own book as well.
  • Participants must score a minimum of 80% (32/40) in order to pass.
  • If a participant does not pass, they must wait a minimum of 24 hours before retaking the exam.
  • Participants are allowed two attempts at the exam.
  • You will have up to one year from your expiry date to challenge the exam before having to take the two-day TCP Course again.
  • Please visit the British Columbia Construction Safety Alliance website for more information and additional study references.
We are located at the corner of Veteran’s Memorial Parkway and Goldstream Avenue in Langford, behind Veteran’s Memorial Park.
For more  information, please email us at chamber@westshore.bc.ca or call 250-478-1130.


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