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Change of Art: William Head on Stage Theatre Company sets their play in a Fantastical Underground Cabaret

October 05 - Nov 03 | 6:15 pm - 9:30 pm

Location: William Head Institution

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Change of Art: William Head on Stage Theatre Company sets their play in a Fantastical Underground Cabaret


Opening October 5, 2018 In Victoria, BC

William Head Institution in Metchosin, BC, is the home of the theatre company of William Head on Stage (or WHoS), Canada’s longest-running prison theatre program.  Since 1981, the inmates have staged a play each fall and invited the general public. Anyone can buy a ticket, go through institution security, enter the institution’s gymnasium and experience the show.  This October, the company is creating and performing their new play The Crossroads: A Prison Cabaret, set in a fantastical cabaret, buried beneath the roots of a giant tree.

Inspired by classic musicals like Cabaret, and West Side Story and Tim Burton’s film Corpse Bride, the men of William Head Prison Theatre company have been hard at work this summer writing, designing, and composing their own musical satire. The Crossroads tells a story of a world underground where banished souls are trapped deep under the crossroads outside of town. A host of supernatural puppeteers, musicians and magicians entertain and placate these trapped souls until they can find the key to their entrapment and be released.

“My fears and insecurities lead me to live a lifestyle that inevitably ended in my incarceration,” says one of the men involved. “Being involved in WHoS has given me a chance to tackle some of those fears, and build confidence in myself. This experience has helped me to discover a creative side and a personal talent I never knew I possessed.”

To be a part of their audience, members of the public need to be 19 years of age or older, buy a ticket in advance (the staff will not sell you one at the institution) drive out through the woods of Metchosin, and pass through institution security. Audience members are asked to walk through an electronic scanner, and may be searched by a sniffer dog.

This year William Head on Stage Prison Theatre has joined forces with award-winning director Kate Rubin, theatre company SNAFU and the Prison Arts Collective. This team of artists have worked with WHoS for over a decade, including productions Macbeth (2006), CHALK (2010), Gormenghast (2011), The Hobbit (2012), Fractured Fables: The Prison Puppet Project (2013), Time Waits for No One (2014), HERE: A Captive Odyssey (2015), and Sleeping Giants (2016).

“One of the best performances I have seen.  It took terrific heart and courage for these men to get up onstage, do something new, and share a piece of themselves with the audience.  I would go again in a heartbeat.”

Morgan McPherson, The Charlebois Post


Production title:  The Crossroads: A Prison Cabaret

Created and performed by the men of William Head Institution, SNAFU and The Prison Arts Collective

Directed by Kate Rubin

Stage Manager:  Carolyn Moon

‘Outside’ Actors: Anne Cirillo, Kathleen Greenfield, Jeni Luther

Writing & Dramaturgy : Kathleen Greenfield and Kate Rubin

Musical Director: Alfons Fear

Set designer:  Carole Klemm

Lighting Designer: Poe Limkul

Choreographer and Costume Design Mentor:  Ingrid Hansen

Guest Artist:  Emma Zabloski

WHoS Volunteers: Tasha Diamant, Patti Faulconbridge, Scott Wilson, Nathan Gregg, Erin Crowley

Administrative support from the staff of William Head Institution



at William Head Institution

6000 William Head Road

Oct 5th, 6th,

Oct 12th, 13th,

Oct 19st, 20nd,

Oct 25th, 26th, 27th,

Nov 1rd, 2th, 3th, 2018

*Plus a Matinee Saturday Nov 3*

Gates Open at 6:15pm

Gates Close at 7:15pm

Show Begins at 7:30pm

Absolutely no late-comers


at Ticket Rocket Box Office: 101-804 Broughton St

250-590-6291  www.ticketrocket.co

Also available in persona at Boston Pizza Langford (2755 Veterans Memorial Pkwy)


AUDIENCE REMINDERS: WHoS is located inside a Federal Institution.

You are entering a correctional facility.  You must be 19 or older, have valid government-issued photo ID, and your pre-paid ticket.  You cannot bring in any personal items, including wallets, purses, cell phones, money, smoking products, medicines (exception may be made for potentially life-saving medicines.)

**You must buy tickets in advance. No tickets available at the door**


Jeni Luther



Website: www.whonstage.weebly.com

Twitter: @WHoS_Theatre

Twitter: @snafudance

Instagram: @snafudance

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