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Communicating through Conflict Workshop series

October 24 | 12:00 am

Communicating through Conflict Workshop series

Location: Multiple Locations

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Communication through Conflict is Dialogue and Resolution Services’ flagship workshop series offering skills and perspectives that help people communicate clearly and effectively, and build greater understanding in their relationships. This workshop is appropriate for adults who have families, co-workers, employers, employees and businesses. Each session is valued at $45, however subsidy is available for those with financial constraints. A complete description of the series is below:

  • ┬áConflict basics: A general introduction to the topics covered in the workshop series. **Participation in this session is required to take the other 9 sessions in this workshop series.**
  • Conflict styles: An introduction to the 5 major conflict styles (avoid, harmonize, compete, compromise and collaborate) humans use when faced with conflict and the role that each style plays in managing conflict and communication.
  • Active listening: Participants will explore active listening, practice effective listening skills and learn how to use these skills to improve their communication with others.
  • Assertiveness: Participants explore the difference between assertion and aggression, common communication behaviours and the value of neutral language and learn a specific model for effective assertion messages in a variety of situations.
  • Boundaries: This workshop provides participants with insights into the nature and importance of personal boundaries, and how we can effectively set and maintain boundaries to support effective communication.
  • Managing strong emotions: Learn how emotion can be both a cause and a consequence of conflict and explore strategies for managing strong emotions.
  • Culture and Conflict: Participants will learn how culture influences communications and how to minimize the impact of cultural differences.
  • Power and Conflict: Discover where your own power lies and how to minimize the impact of power imbalance when dealing with a conflict.
  • Bringing it all together: In the final session, participants combine and practice all the skills learned in the previous workshops.


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