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Beyond Scene Creations - Member Profile

Member Since: October 2015

#29 - 881 Nicholson St.
Victoria, BC
V9X 5c5

Phone: (250) 857-7747
Email: jnesbitt77@gmail.com

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James Nesbitt

About Beyond Scene Creations

James Nesbitt, born in Thailand to a Canadian father and Thai mother, moved to Canada as a child, and has spent the majority of his life in Victoria. He finds inspiration for his art in stories of faith, sacrificial love, and redemption. Through art he hopes to encourage reflection on life – the potential of love, the destructiveness of hate, the wonder of emotion, the beauty of free will, the infinity that can be sensed in the depths of the eyes. “I wish for there to be something about my work that whispers there is purpose in life, that there is an infinitely creative God who put something wonderful of Himself into each of us, and that there is hope because He is on our side and loved us with an everlasting love.” He feels truly blessed to share his journey with his beautiful wife Rachel and his daughters, Ava and Bethany.

James is primarily a painter, but creates sculpture as well, and is always keen on exploring new methods and media. His work is often on a large scale using non-traditional materials such as machined wood and acrylic gels, holographic papers, stained-glass, coffee grounds, sawdust, and various found materials. He appreciates many different forms of art, but believes his best artwork embraces the narrative, “for within story the situations that reveal love can form and evolve with depth and truthfulness. A good story gives us a window into an unfamiliar circumstance and sheds light on our own humanity. It shows us that even in the most intense struggles of the journey there is a beauty and that in the coldest darkness there is a flicker of light.”

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