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Member Since: August 2015

530 Cairndale Rd.
Victoria, BC
V9C 2P9

Phone: (250) 661-2908
Fax: (250) 478-5458
Email: ingrid@smart-hr.ca

Member Contact:
Ingrid Vaughan

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About Smart HR

Reduce the stress of running your company’s HR. Our modular approach allows you to build systems and processes that will save you time and money. Choose what’s important now and grow as you need to in the future. You choose your HR priorities and we’ll provide the expertise, strategies, and tools that will build a strong team and a successful business!

SMART HR toolkit – There’s a lot to managing your company’s HR. From policy manuals to bullying and harassment compliance, we’ll ensure you have everything you need so you can stop worrying about what could go wrong and get back to running your business! (hr systems | employment contracts | policy manual/employee handbook | exit interviews |job descriptions)

SMART hiring – Are you tired of hiring? If you’re finding yourself short-circuiting the process because of how much time it takes or how often you’re doing it, chances are you’re not making the best hires, resulting in costly turnover. What if you could reduce your hiring time and make better hires? (strategic recruitment | efficient selection | effective interviewing | creative onboarding)

SMART training and development – What if you could spend less time managing poor performance and more time engaging your team to be high level performers? You can create a dynamic, ongoing feedback process that will have your team thriving and eager to improve their performance all year long. (employee development plans | customized training | leadership/management development)

SMART performance management – Development opportunities are essential for attracting and retaining good talent but the process can be overwhelming.With some creative strategies you can provide opportunities for your team to grow and develop with the resources you have. (meaningful feedback | formal pm plans | management training | workforce planning)

SMART culture and team engagement – A highly engaged and productive team is focused on company goals, committed to your values, eager to learn, and happy to be working together, improving customer satisfaction and leading your business toward growth and profitability. It is possible to create that kind of culture in your company. (engagement surveys | teambuilding events | vision/values creation | corporate community building | alignment)


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