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Camosun College ~ School Of Business - Member Profile

Member Since: September 2009

4461 Interurban Rd
Victoria, BC
V9E 2C1

Phone: 250-370-4565
Fax: 250-370-4104
Email: sofbus@camosun.ca

Member Contact:
Halinka Szwender

About Camosun College ~ School Of Business

The School of Business offers a broad range of opportunities for learners.  Whether seeking a professional designation, bachelor’s degree, diploma, certificate, or even planning to transfer to another institution, we can set you on your path to success.

Our comparative advantage over other postsecondary institutions is found in our strong connections with business and industry, small class sizes, tuition savings, and our commitment to quality teaching. Our experienced faculty possess a wealth of real world experience, offering a rich and engaging learning environment.

96% of School of Business graduates find work in fields related to their area of study and alumni report the problem solving, communication, technical and leadership skills learned at Camosun have positioned them for success in an ever changing global environment.

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