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Diversified Scientific Solutions - Member Profile

Member Since: January 2015

3439 Fulton Road
Victoria, BC
V9C 3N2

Phone: 250-391-4878
Email: rgbowen2@gmail.com

Member Contact:
Suzanne or Rob Bowen

About Diversified Scientific Solutions

Diversified Scientific Solutions works with the science community (but not exclusively) to provide innovative solutions to research projects, data processing, instrumentation design and data visualization. Whether its navigating a deep sea submersible or designing instrumentation for Arctic field work, our goal is to provide methods and results.

We are an environmentally conscious company with a concern about the sensitive ecosystems within our world.

Our expertise include:

  • Data analysis of time series
  • Technical writing and editing (contact Suzanne Bowen ~ suzbowen2@gmail.com)
  • Field studies including instrument selection and design
  • Digital terrain modeling and fly throughs
  • ROV navigation
  • Multimedia authoring including video, process animations and interactive DVDs
  • Exhibit design including physical models, research, writing and graphic design.

 With over 20 years in the business we have carried out a variety of interesting project with both private and governmental agencies.

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