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Independent Concrete Ltd. - Member Profile

Member Since: June 1998

765 Industrial Way
Victoria, BC
V9B 6E2

Phone: (250) 478-0555
Fax: (250) 478-5299
Email: icl@iconcrete.ca

Member Contact:
Terry Redford

About Independent Concrete Ltd.

Independent Concrete Ltd. (ICL) has knowledge and experience in the ready-mix industry that you can depend on. Our production plant, based in Victoria, is computerized and state-of-the-art, producing 200 cubic metres of concrete per hour with a backup generator for uninterrupted service. Our fleet consists of fifteen 10 cubic metre tandem tandem booster mixers.


Ready-Mixed Concrete
Independent Concrete Ltd. is one of Victoria’s top producers of ready-mixed concrete. In the past we have provided this time-saving concrete to a wide range of public and private sector jobs. The simple concrete formula has helped build townhouses, condominiums, driveways, sidewalks, backyard patios, and everything in between. No matter what the job, it’s always worth doing right the first time. From prompt delivery to using only the highest quality products in the industry, ICL is dedicated to customer satisfaction.
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