As the universe is vast with exploding new planets as …so is The City of Langford. Stepping way out of the box, Ron Cheeke and Diana Kresier embraces on building British Columbia’s biggest privately owned liquor store known as “Liquor Planet”. Over 13,000 sq ft of quality workmanship with an amazing selection of wines, spirits, beer and refreshment beverages, offering a fine selection of cigars in our temperature controlled humidor and 4 temperature control fridges for premium wine and champagne.
With years of planning and trekking all over North America to build and design the finest Liquor store in British Columbia we are proud to announce our opening on Dec. 6,2013.Our tag line “@ Prehistoric Prices” puts our pricing at Government Price or Below. To add to our formula of success Ron collected many prehistoric replica animals such logo2as T’Rex skeleton, Triceratops, Saber Tooth Tiger, Pterodactyl and more….
Coming soon…130 million year old T’Rex egg fossil, 150 million year old trilledon fossil!
While Ron and Diana have always been fans of the dinosaur era they have combined the flavors of alcohol to make your shopping experience most memorable and bringing you great events like:
· Celebrity signings
· Live bands on site
· Charity events
· First Growler station
· Event Room and Tastings
· Keg Rental
· Largest Coldest Beer Fridge
As a family owned and operated business we take pride on giving back to the community by support local charities and sports teams. “Proud to sponsor Sport Assist”We are located on Vancouver Island beside The Axe & Barrel on Millstream Road just 2 Blocks from Costco and near the Bottom of Bear Mountain. Great friendly and knowledgeable staff to serve you with easy access and plenty of parking this is a must see liquor store. Come check us out today Government Priced or Below!!