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Login Bookkeeping - Member Profile

Member Since: July 2018

202-1378 Lyall Street
Victoria, BC
V9A 5J1

Member Contact:
Antoinette Foata

About Login Bookkeeping

Located in beautiful Victoria, BC, Login Bookkeeping is committed to offer a full range of high-quality, environmental friendly bookkeeping, payroll services and advanced management solutions to small business owners, at affordable prices, accessible anytime, from anywhere, at their fingertips, by considering each business’ unique needs, building long-term trustable business relationships and making customer success and satisfaction our top priority”.

Small businesses that account for 98% of all businesses and employ more than 1 million people in British Columbia (more than half of the private sector workforce) deserve consideration. Login Bookkeeping provides small business owners with affordable management instruments that have been traditionally developed for and used by mid-sized and larger organizations; there are smart tools that do not need to be expensive to be effective and that are just as beneficial, no matter the size of your company, your strategic vision and the economic environment.

By keeping two-way communication and informing in real-time, Login Bookkeeping guides and allows business owners to make more informed decisions either for their day-to-day operations or within a strategic approach. With the accelerated changes in today’s market, an increased need to take the best decisions possible in a timely fashion, Login Bookkeeping brings the solutions by offering support and access to updated and complete financial data set at the owners’ fingertips, 24/7.

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