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Mandala Center for Health & Wellness - Member Profile

Member Since: November 2017

215-611 Brookside Road
Victoria, BC
V9C 4K2

Phone: (250) 590-2501
Fax: (250) 890-2601
Email: info@mandalahealthcenter.com

Member Contact:
Lori Race

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About Mandala Center for Health & Wellness

Mandala Center for Health and Wellness is dedicated to offering high level Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine treatment as well as Massage Therapy, Athletic Therapy, Holistic Nutrition, Psychology and Life Coaching Services. Owners Lori & Cara are not only committed to giving Mandala’s patients and clients an unparalleled level of care but are also extremely passionate about offering a myriad of health and happiness education that will improve lives on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

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