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Member Since: July 2012

102 - 3212 Jacklin Road
Langford, BC
V9B 0J5

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Jean-Paul Thuot

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About Stillpoint Community Acupuncture

What is Community Acupuncture?  It’s a revolution!

The North American model of acupuncture is probably very familiar to you:  You see your acupuncturist for an hour or so, they ask you LOTS of questions before putting the needles in, let you rest a while then come in and kick you off the table, whether you’re ready or not.  Then, when you’re all spaced out and relaxed (we call that being in ‘aculand’), they hit you up for a fee ranging from $60-120 and book you in for your next treatment.

Jean-Paul Thuot, registered acupuncturist

Having practiced acupuncture for over 15 years in this way I’m very familiar with this model, and while you may very well benefit from the acupuncture, the thing about this model is, not only do you have no say in how long your treatment is going to be, it’s also expensive!  

The problem with it being expensive (apart from the obvious), is that, like weeding a garden or going to the gym, it can take time to see improvement, and you often need numerous treatments as close together as possible for you to really see the effects.  Not many people can afford 3 x $100/week for four weeks, am I right?

Community Acupuncture (CA) is different!  Not only do you get to decide how long your treatments last (more on that below), it is way cheaper!  That’s right!  At Stillpoint Community Acupuncture the fees range from $20 to $50 (incl. GST), which means that if you need those three treatments a week, you can actually afford to get them!

Another nice thing about CA: You can bring friends, family, random people off the street (not sure why’d you do that, but hey! it’s all good!) and get treated at the same time.  CA treatments occur in one large room, where people sit quietly in comfy recliners, with their sleeves and pantlegs rolled up, all floating in aculand (remember aculand?).  Because there are numerous chairs to sit in, no one needs to make way for the next patient, if they’re not ready to.

A community acupuncture room

To sum up, CA is:

Affordable: Fees are charged on a sliding scale, from $20-50 (incl. GST), with no proof of income required.  You decide what you can afford for your treatments.

Effective:  Because you can afford to get the treatments you really need, the acupuncture is very effective!  Acupuncture is cumulative, meaning the more you get the stronger the effect!

Natural:  There are no adverse side effects to acupuncture, unless you count relaxation, an elevated mood, decreased stress and better sleep “adverse”.

Community oriented:  Bring your friends, family, co-workers or anyone else you think could benefit from acupuncture.  We’re all in this together!

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