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VanCity Credit Union - Member Profile

Member Since: August 2009

100-800 Kelly Rd
Victoria, BC
V9B 5T6

Phone: 250-686-8306
Fax: 250-386-1141
Email: paul_daniels@vancity.com

Member Contact:
Paul Daniels

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About VanCity Credit Union

We’re proud of the fact that our 479,500 members have entrusted us with $16.1 billion of their assets, making us Canada’s largest Credit Union. But those impressive numbers are never our sole focus. Vancity is about helping each of our members get to a good place with their finances, while improving the place we call home.

Triple the bottom lines. Triple the commitment.

Our triple bottom line business model is driven not only by a commitment to financial success, but to environmental and social sustainability as well. That’s why our annual report is built around our sustainable business model. It demonstrates accountability to you, our members, and highlights the key ways Vancity earns revenue and operates its business in service of you and your communities.

Vancity is proud to be a member of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values, an independent network of the world’s leading sustainable banks sharing the commitment to achieving triple bottom-line impact through responsible banking practices. We are also committed to integrated reporting practices, and we’re a participant in the International Integrated Reporting Committee‘s Integrated Reporting Pilot Program.

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