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Merchant Service Providers

We’re delighted to announce that the WestShore Chamber is partnering with two local merchant service providers to offer preferred rates to Chamber members. KIS Payments & Signature Merchant Services were assessed on their ability to offer both superior rates and excellent customer service. 

“Using an economics education and 10 plus years in the investment industry, I have developed a business approach to the credit card industry designed to offer merchants the service they need. With discounted rates that offer a savings to all merchants 100% of the time, I also have 9 year accounts available to discuss their satisfaction”  – Peter Thompson

Contact Signature Merchant Services by email: signaturemerchantservices@outlook.com or by phone: 1-250-995-2872



“As a team of payment processing experts who were fed up with our industry’s nonsense, we formed KIS Payments Consultants Inc. to provide merchants with a solution they can rely on.  We believe in educating and empowering our clients to know what they’re paying for through personalized, one-to-one service and total transparency.  We have expanded to include that help businesses need to increase their profitability.  We want to work with you to help you get the most out of your bottom line.  We only do business face to face because we value a long term relationship with our merchants.”  – Martin Newham

Contact KIS Payments by email: Martin@kispayments.com or by phone: 1-888-484-3389


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