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City of Colwood LogoCity of Colwood
3300 Wishart Road
Victoria, BC
V9C 1R1   Map
Population (2010): 16,579

There’s more to Colwood than the short drive through the main drag. Whether you are a culinary connoisseur, an aspiring artist, active living enthusiast or on the hunt for a truly local business, this is the place to find it. What was once regarded as a sleepy suburb of Victoria has transformed itself into a vibrant collage of local entrepreneurs who care about the community they operate in. Visiting some of the many home-based businesses offers a unique opportunity to tour this seaside city and get a feel for the people who call it home. From Coast Collective Gallery at the Holiday Inn Express to the breathtaking views at Esquimalt Lagoon, there are plenty of reasons to spend a day in Colwood. Award-winning developments offer fantastic views and new commercial space. This beautiful destination community is also leading the way on the national sustainable living stage. The Solar Colwood project, announced in January 2011, aims to move a whole community toward energy conservation and renewable clean energy. The goal is to retrofit up to 1,000 homes with solar hot water heating over the next three years, as well as demonstrating other clean energy options. Learn more about this innovative city by the sea when you visit us online at www.colwood.ca, and discover our efforts to help residents and business owners save money and reduce energy and emissions when you check-out www.solarcolwood.ca.


District of HighlandsDistrict of Highlands
1980 Millstream Road
Victoria, BC
V9B 6H1   Map
Population (2010): 2,257

The Highlands is a primarily residential community, rural in nature, and blessed with an exceptional abundance of scenic beauty, public parkland, and native plant and animal life. Those who live here place high value on the natural environment and a rural lifestyle. Highlanders are actively involved in the community, which fosters a spirit that is both self-reliant and cooperative. This small community prides itself on its pioneering spirit, as evidenced during winter weather events, and is proud of its many volunteers and high level of community involvement.

More than one-third of the Highlands is protected as municipal, regional, and provincial parkland, enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. Heritage is important to Highlanders, who are dedicated to the preservation of the past with its old buildings and the history of First Nations and European settlement. Highlanders take great pride in stewardship of the environment and conservation of the land, which is the natural legacy we will leave to future generations.


City of Langford EmblemCity of Langford
2nd Floor, 877 Goldstream Avenue
Victoria, BC
V9B 2X8   Map
Population (2010): 29,158

The addition of a new sportsplex is just one of the key components in Langford’s commitment in creating the kind of community that attracts young families and new businesses looking for recreational options. The sportsplex at City Centre Park  features a family bowling centre and a new ice arena that utilizes the newest cutting edge, environmentally innovative technology. The bowling centre fills a void that will draw people from throughout the region, and the ice arena addresses the growing demand for more ice time for minor hockey teams on the West Shore. A one of its kind ice river will connect the arena to the outdoor family skating area, which also converts to a splash park during the summer months.

New projects on the horizon include adding to and improving the existing network of cyclist and pedestrian lanes that link Goldstream Village with Langford’s existing neighbourhoods, lakes, walking trails and other attractions. Goldstream Village, designed along the lines of what has worked well in European cities, is a lush, green, vibrant gathering place for residents and visitors alike that features the Goldstream Farmers Market from May until October. Information kiosks, trees, plantings, benches and bike racks are being added to enhance the pedestrian and cyclist friendly spirit that is central to Langford’s downtown core.

Progressive planning has provided a variety of housing options designed for families and a variety of people who want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle in a safe, caring community where everything they are looking for is close at hand. Langford’s ability to work with businesses looking to expand or relocate helps ensure that more improvements that benefit the community are on the way.


District of Metchosin emblemDistrict of Metchosin
4450 Happy Valley Road
Victoria, BC
V9C 3Z3   Map
Population (2010): 5,308

Charter a boat to spot whales and seals, or try your luck fishing for salmon and halibut. Hike through forest trails that offer brilliant views of the Pacific Ocean. Enjoy salty sea air and local hospitality in the District of Metchosin.

Rural Metchosin is located just west of Victoria City, and stretches from the shores of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, across rolling hills speckled with sheep, to the rocky highlands of the Sooke Hills.

You will discover a talented community of artisans, farmers, and trades people. Artists are eager to showcase an array of splendid arts and crafts, including jewellery, fibre, pottery and wood arts. Explore the local offerings of fruits, vegetables and meats at the farmers’ market and in shops that bring in fresh produce from the surrounding farmlands. Be sure to try the wonderful jams made from locally picked berries. Join us for lunch and a round of golf. Go on a nature walk and view the variety of birds and abundance of deer in Blinkhorn Park.

Explore the marine life along Taylor and Witty beaches. Explore this unique and diverse community – the District of Metchosin.


View Royal EmblemTown of View Royal
45 View Royal Avenue
Victoria, BC
V9B 1A6   Map
Population (2010): 9,743

The Town of View Royal was incorporated in 1988. Since then, the community has experienced significant growth and development while still maintaining its character. Today, View Royal is a thriving community of approximately 9,500 residents. Located in Vancouver Island’s Capital Region on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, View Royal is a gateway between Victoria’s urban core and the West Shore municipalities.

View Royal boasts an extensive network of parks and waterways with opportunities for active and passive recreation. View Royal is also home to Thetis Lake Regional Park, a beautiful natural landscape that provides both a family swimming area and natural hiking trails. The Town of View Royal also enjoys a rich and colourful heritage including the Craigflower Manor, located on Island Highway.

View Royal is endowed with spectacular vistas and landscapes giving the Town unique opportunities to explore innovative approaches to growth. The Town continues to protect its green and blue spaces and values a walkable and connected environment in which all residents have easy access to services and amenities. The goal is for View Royal to be one of the best places to call home: liveable, green, and sustainable.



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