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2015 Best of the WestShore

peninsula_coop_trans200p  Title Sponsor |  Peninsula Co-Op is a strong supporter of our local community.   To date, they have donated more than  $400,000 to over 200 local charities, organizations, youth groups, student scholarships and community projects.
Camosun Gold Sponsor| Camosun College Co-operative Education & Student Employment connects employers & students  through various programs.   To find out more about how  Camosun College Co-operative Education & Student Employment can benefit your business visit Camosun College on-line.
Island Savings Division of First West Credit Gold Sponsor| Island Savings is committed to supporting the local communities  in which it does business.  In addition to offering outstanding customer service to personal and business banking clients,  it values the importance of supporting economic and social development through local programs.
Royal Roads Gold Sponsor | Royal Roads University  Located in one of Canada’s most beautiful National Historic Sites, Royal Roads University has a long history of excellence. With a balance of graduate, undergraduate and certificate programs offered both online and on-campus, our courses are designed with you in mind.
University of Victoria

Gold Sponsor| University of Victoria – Co-operative Education Program and Career Services offers one of the largest university employment programs in Canada.  To find out more about how access this program visit The University of Victoria’s  Co-operative Education information page.

View_Roayal_700p600p Gold Sponsor| View Royal Casino is a strong supporter of its south island community.  Since opening in 2001, View Royal Casino has donated of 50 million dollars to over 350 charitable organizations and programs in the Greater Victoria region.

Venue Sponsor| The Westin Bear Mountain is this year’s Best of The WestShore Awards venue sponsor.  In addition to being one of Victoria’s s premier resorts, it also actively supports local charities and non profit organizations.

PIV Photography Photographer & Sponsor | PIV Photography This year’s Best of the WestShore Awards banquet will be photographed by award-winning photographer, Brad Edwards, of PIV Photography.   PIV Photography specializes in capturing live-events including concerts,  corporate functions,  sporting events,   awards ceremonies and weddings.    PIV Photography is a regular supporter of  community initiatives through sponsorship and marketing.    To learn more about PIV Photography, visit their website.

The 2015  Best of the WestShore Awards are brought to you  by
The WestShore Chamber of Commerce
in Partnership with
The Goldstream News 

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Sponsor the Best of the West Shore Awards  

The WestShore Chamber of Commerce is hosting the Best of the West Shore Awards in late October. This event showcases the businesses, non-profits, and facets of our community that are advancing the growth, prosperity, and sustainability of life in the West Shore.

Sponsoring the “Best of the West Shore” Awards is the ideal opportunity to show your support for our incredible community, position your business as a community oriented leader within the West Shore, receive significant media exposure, and actively build your brand for months before, during, and after the gala.

Partnering with the Goldstream Gazette, we are pleased to announce that this year we have over double the number of awards supported by a high-impact  media campaign and grassroots engagement of residents within the WestShore.

Become a sponsor |  For Information on becoming a sponsor for the 2015 Best of the WestShore Awards see our sponsorship rate page or contact Josh Schmidt, Projects & Relations Manager | P: 250-478-1130   E: josh@westshore.bc.ca

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